Variety: Roller
Construction: cylindrical
Applicable Industries: Equipment Restore Shops, Retail
Design Number: 10571305
Precision Rating: p0 p6 p5 p4 p2
Seals Sort: open up
Variety of Row: Double row
Material: nylon, metal
Deal: Plastic Bags/plastic tube,cartons
Software: 3D printer
Provider: OEM Personalized Solutions
Attribute: Reduced Sounds, High Top quality
Dimensions: twenty five*68.2*forty two mm
Certification: ISO9
Sample: Avaliable

Product Namegeneral eccentric bearing 10571305 dimensions 25*68.2*42 mm
Dimensions25*68.2*forty two mm
PrecisionPO P6 P5 P4
SealingOpen, Z, ZZ, RZ,2RZ,RS, 2RS
ProviderOEM & ODM service
Shipping dayGenerally ready merchandise and inventory inside of 3-15 times
Payment conditionsA:100% TTB: 30% T/T in progress .70% from duplicate of B/LC:thirty% T/T in advance .70% from L/C at sightD:Western unionE:PAYPAL
SoftwareVehicle, CZPT CE 6.5inch 24V 150W 5.5N.m 120kg rubber tire BLDC push wheel hub servo motor with 4096-wire encoder for inspection robot tractor ,device instrument, electric machine, h2o pump, agricultural machinery and textile machinery
Package dealIndustrial package deal or in accordance to buyers’ requirement
DetailsDeep groove ball bearings are simple, effortless to use, is the largest generation quantity, most commonly used of a course of bearings. It is mostly utilised for a bear radial load, but also bear certain axial load. When the bearing radial clearance enhanced when the perform with angular make contact with bearings can bear big axial load.
Unique qualitiesone. Higher accuracy2. Low noise3. Lower weight4. Can be custom-made in accordance to your needs5. Can provide little & miniature common and non-common ball bearings.
Q1: Do you have the real manufacturing unit? A1: Of course, we are an integrated manufacturing unit and trade. Our firm is started from the approach of bearings, fifty six body 115-127V 208-230V 14-1HP 5060HZ 1725 RPM split-section resilient foundation motors gradually shaped its current size, merchandise good quality can greater grasp, the price is also a fantastic advantage. Q2: What the MQQ of your organization? A2: MQQ is 1pcs. Q3: Coould you explain to me the payment term of your company can take?A3: T/T.Western Union,PayPal. Q4: How about your firm strength? 1>.Free SAMPLES: Get in touch with us by email or trade manager, we will send the totally free samples according to your ask for. 2>.OEM/ODM or Non Stand Bearings: Any necessity for Non normal bearings is Simply Fulfilled by us thanks to its vast information and links in the business. 3>.Legitimate merchandise With Superb Top quality 4>.Quick Delivery GenerallyIt is 5-10 days if the items are in stock, or it ten-fifteen days if the products are not in inventory, it is according to quantity. Q5: How can we trust you ? A5: We have decade of professional encounter, there are a good deal of previous consumers for numerous a long time. We arelooking for longterm cooperation so as to obtain CZPT scenario, authentic ac servo motor travel makers HC-KFS13G1K and grow to be your buddies, that we want to see.

What you should know about bushings

If you are in the market for a casing, there are a few things you should know before buying. First, a bushing is a mechanical part with a rotating or sliding shaft part. You can find them in almost all industrial applications due to their excellent load-carrying capacity and anti-friction properties. They are especially important in construction, mining, agriculture, hydropower, material handling, and more.

Casing application

The casing market is mainly driven by the growth of the power generation industry. The increasing electrification of Asia Pacific and the deployment of renewable energy in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are driving the demand for distribution transformer bushings. In addition, the demand for bushings in Western Europe is also likely to increase with the spread of renewable energy and the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. However, the market in Asia Pacific is expected to remain small compared to the rest of the world.
Although bushings are relatively expensive, they are very durable and cost-effective. Furthermore, bushings have a variety of applications, making them an important component in power transformers. For example, power transformers often use bushings to achieve relative movement by sliding or rolling. The vehicle suspension system also uses rubber bushings for a smooth ride and rotating bushings for machine-related operations. They require precision machined parts and are especially useful in applications where high loads and friction must be controlled. Also, plastic bushings are used for wheels in dry kilns, where lubrication is often troublesome.
Transformers require constant monitoring, which is one of the reasons bushings are so important in power transformers. Any failure of these components could result in the total loss of the transformer and all surrounding equipment. To maintain high system reliability, utilities must monitor insulation in and around bushings, especially if transformers have been in use for decades. Some utilities have made monitoring the condition of their transformers an important part of their smart grid plans.


The core of the dry casing has many material interfaces. The discharge most likely originates near the edges of the foils and can cause electrical tree growth or breakdown between adjacent foils. Several studies have investigated interfacial effects in composite insulating materials and concluded that the conditions under which the interface occurs is a key factor in determining the growth of electrical trees. This study found that material type and interface conditions are the two most important factors for the growth of electrical trees.
Bushings can be made of many different materials, depending on their purpose. The main purpose of the bushing is to support the assembly while protecting it. They must be stiff enough to support the load placed on them, and flexible enough to protect the shaft. Since the shaft is usually not centered on the bushing during rotation, the bushing must be durable enough to carry the load while still protecting the shaft. Here are several materials used for bushings:
A stabilizer bar assembly is a good example of pre-assembly. This pre-assembly enables the vehicle assembly plant to receive components ready for vehicle assembly. The prior art requires the vehicle assembly plant to separate the bushing from the stabilizer bar. However, the present invention eliminates this step and provides a mechanically rigid stabilizer bar assembly. It is designed to prevent audible squeals and improve vehicle performance and handling.
Hardened steel bushings are ideal for pivot and low speed applications. They are made of high carbon steel and fully hardened to 56-62 HRC. Bronze bushings require daily or weekly lubrication but are more expensive than plastic bushings. Plastic bushings are low cost, low maintenance, self lubricating and do not require regular lubrication. These are also suitable for applications with hard to reach parts.


Bushings have many applications in various industries. Most of the time, it is used for drilling. Its excellent chemical and mechanical properties can be used to protect various equipment. These components are versatile and available in a variety of materials. All sleeves are packaged according to national and international standards. They are used in many industrial processes from construction to drilling. Some application examples are listed below.The component 10 may contain a tank for a liquid such as fuel, and the object 12 may be made of fiber reinforced composite material. Sleeve assembly 16 is configured to ground component 10 and object 12 . It may be a bulkhead isolator 40 used to isolate electrical charges in aircraft hydraulic lines. Bushing assembly 16 is one of many possible uses for the bushing assembly. The following examples illustrate various applications of bushing assemblies.
Bearings are devices used to reduce friction between moving surfaces. They are a good choice for many applications as they are maintenance free and extend the life of machine components. They can be used in a variety of applications and are often used with plastic and metal materials. For example, Daikin offers bronze and brass bushings. Bushings have many other uses, but they are most commonly used in machines, especially when used in low-load environments.
The most common application for bushings is drilling. Swivel bushings can be used in almost any drilling application. For more complex applications, CZPT’s engineering department can create special designs to your specifications. The applications of bushings in machining centers are endless. By providing a smooth, reliable interface, bushings are an excellent choice for precision machining. They can also provide current paths.


When you have a vehicle that needs a bushing replacement, you may be wondering about the cost of a bushing replacement. The fact is, the cost of a bushing replacement will vary widely, depending on the specific car model. Some cars cost as little as $5, while other vehicles can cost up to $300. The replacement of a control arm bushing may not cost that much, but it’s important to know that it’s a relatively expensive part to replace.
Most mechanics charge around $375 for a job that involves replacing the bushing in a control arm. However, this price range can vary significantly, depending on whether the mechanic uses OE or aftermarket parts. In any case, the cost of labor is typically included in the price. Some mechanics may even include a labor charge, which is an additional cost. In general, however, the cost of a control arm bushing replacement is comparable to the cost of replacing a single bushing.
Control arm bushings are made of two metal cylinders secured together by a thick layer of rubber. Over time, these parts can deteriorate due to accidents, potholes, and off-roading. For this reason, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. Bushing replacement can save you money in the long run, and it’s important to have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. If your control arm bushing is showing signs of wear, you should have it replaced before it becomes completely useless.
If you have decided to replace your suspension bushing yourself, the cost will be considerably lower than you would spend on the replacement of other components. If you have a mechanically-inclined mechanic, you can do it yourself. The parts and labour are reasonably cheap, but the most expensive part is the labor. Because it requires disassembling the wheel and suspension and installing a new bushing, it is important to have a mechanic who has a good understanding of vehicle mechanicry. The cost for control arm bushing replacement is between $20 and $80 per bushing, and a set of four costs approximately $300.


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China Cylindrical roller bearing 100752305 eccentric bearing 100752305 with double row bearing 2568.242 mm     drive shaft bearingChina Cylindrical roller bearing 100752305 eccentric bearing 100752305 with double row bearing 2568.242 mm     drive shaft bearing
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