LM 8 LM8 LM8UU 8mm Shaft Linear Ball Bushing Bearing



Linear bearings are used in applications where a component needs to be moved along a straight line with high accuracy. The object may also need to be returned to its origin with high repeatability. Linear bearings come in a variety of styles and have wide load capacities.

Bearing Material

Choices of bearing materials for linear bearings include bronze, ceramic, graphite, plastic, and stainless steel.  Special material features include corrosion resistance, self-lubricating, and rotary motion.


Dimension Standard
Precision Normal
Type Linear Ball Bearings
Clearance C0 Normal
Lubrication Grease or Oil
Noise Z1
Material 52100 Chrome Steel, Heat Treated


Application: This bearing is widely used in cars, compressors, construction, electric motors, food industry, home appliances etc. As a rolling element, it turns the world.